We at NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES GMBH strive for improved technology and ever increasing market share in application areas of chemistry and materials technology dedicated to the advancement of minimum impact products based on natural renewable resources if ecologically and technically feasible and commercial viable, thus respecting nature and a healthy environment.


This comprises all processes that are necessary to transform selected raw materials, exceptionally uniform in composition, into safe and convenient products for customers and industries by minimizing the use of environmentally hazardous substances.

Being headquartered at Hamburg in Germany

right in the center of the European Union ( EU ) we have control over global channels and connections to respective consumers since its foundation in 1969, and combine our flexibility based on Total Quality Management ( TQM ) towards performance with the synergies of our forward-looking, ambitious and innovative associated Companies.

All products listed are processed in EN ISO 9000 ff

certified manufacturing facilities designed for maximum efficiency, productivity and safest working conditions.

Good manufacturing practice ( GMP )

is our Company Policy and therefore focused on products, technology and services that add value and functional benefits to the success of our customers and to our supply chain globally.


Our core business activity is placed in the following fields

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