This carefully selected raw material from renewable resources have specific-molecular Bio-Properties ( structures ) and are obtained from liquor generated by selected sulfite process wood pulping operations to ensure maximum purity and optimum product characteristics to meet cost-effective solutions.


Core brand of our Bio-Polymere product range are :



Under this Trademark we do supply different Salts of Lignosulfonic Acids either as dark brown concentrated aqueous solution or as a spray dried powder, derived from uniform mix of softwood or hardwood to insure maximum purity and optimum disperse characteristics.


This carefully selected innovative raw material ( biopolymere ) from renewable resources is a mixture of sulfonated lignin, polysaccharides and wood sugars. Our products may vary in their degree of purity and carbohydrate content ( wood sugars ), the kind and amount of cation, degree of sulfonation, and in their average molecular size.


Chemically, they are classified as Lignosulfonates, which, by definition, are water soluble, anionic, surface active derivates of lignin.


It is often the product of choice for such diverse applications as making emulsions and dispersions, and as a binder or sequestrant, or as processing aid for cement and aggregates and as thinner and water-reducing agent for concrete.


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Under this Trademark we do supply an all-purpose mid-inclusion Ligno pellet binder in powder form, primarily used to improve the stability and quality of wood and animal feed pellets and extruded products, to also reduce excess of fines and dust. This material is derived from renewable resources and may be considered as a natural environmentally friendly GMO-free and safe product.


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