Our policy is to always respect the environment, support sustainable development and to be committed to the best possible balance between ecological, social and economic needs, the highest priorities being personal safety and

environmentally sound processes and products.


This means in addition to what is prescribed in current legislation, regulations and conditions concerning the environment, all possible environmental improvement initiatives will be taken to generating genuine, sustainable added value.


Environmental work will be integrated with NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES‘s business activities.


It will be carried out so that customers and the society at large associate our end products with concern for nature, a healthy environment and responsible use of natural resources.


Our environmental work will be placed on an equal footing with finance and quality.


At NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES‘s work places, on-going efforts will be made to close processes and further improve

external purification methods for effluents and atmospheric emissions.

Our policy is close co-operation with suppliers and customers, to achieve a long-term, sustainable balance with nature and when making investments, environmentally friendly methods will be given priority.


By research and participation in projects common to the industry as a whole, we will strive actively to develop

environmentally friendly processing technology and products.


Strenuous efforts will be made in managing the use, at all times, of the renewable natural resources upon which

NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES‘s activities are based.


Efficient management and use of raw materials and the energy stored within them will produce increasingly resource-efficient products of the same or improved quality, functional and financial characteristics.