We always strive for a sound and safe working environment in which special priority is assigned to the physical and psychological health of employees, in close cooperation with suppliers and customers, to achieve a long-term, sustainable balance with nature.


And we never lose sight of the fact that while we place a serious emphasis on honoring our health and safety commitments, we need to do so while maintaining the Company's competitiveness in global markets.


That’s certainly not the easiest of tasks - but we believe the goal is achievable.


In addition to what is prescribed in current legislation, regulations and conditions concerning the environment, special priority is assigned to all continuous improvements of processes and products to prevent accidents and minimize their environmental impact.

A closed-cycle approach and economizing of natural resources shall take priority, if ecologically and technically feasible and commercially viable.


High levels of health and safety standards will be integrated with NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES‘s business activities through risk analyses, preventive measures, emergency preparedness and technical approaches for environmental safety.


Effective R & D work that generates know-how for selection of renewable raw materials, environmentally safe processes and carefully selected transports to limit harmful impact on health and environment - subjecting suppliers and subcontractors to this rigorous demand.


At NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES‘s work places, this health and safety policy applies.