Are carefully selected GMO-free materials derived from renewable resources and are primary-grown on natural plant sugars. Due to the favourable natural composition they contain protein, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins thus being avaluable and flavour enhancing products.


Core brand of our Bio-micro Nutrient product range is :



Under this Trademark we do supply spray dried inactivated yeast powders grown on plant sugars offering proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids such as Methionine, Lysine, Threonine and Tryptophan.


The standard grade yeast powder is processed from raw materials derived from renewable resources and may be considered as natural environmentally friendly and GMO-free safe products to be used in animal nutrition for purposes to formulate efficient and superior quality of feed stuff with the result to improve animal performance and health and the quality of food from animal origin.


A special grade yeast powder is available which is grown in a solution consisting of natural plant sugars and minerals derived directly from wood pulping processing under conditions which permit the highest quality standards and undergo prior to spray drying several purification stages. It is a natural GMO-free ingredient with a high nutritional value. The product distinguishes itself by an outstanding constancy in quality as well as an excellent flavour profile which makes it possible to also use it for masking certain off-flavours of other ingredients contained in the mix. It imparts a pleasant, full and rounded taste with a good “mouth-feel” to the final products.


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