NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES GMBH strives for improved technology and ever increasing market share in application areas of low impact chemistry and materials technology dedicated to products respecting nature and a healthy environment based on natural renewable resources.


The white biotechnology plays an important part of our day-to-day business due to its beneficial impact on both the environment and economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.


Preserving natural resources and minimizing waste is an integral part of our strategy to achieve making manufacturing processes faster, environmentally safer and more cost-effective thus adding improved features to end products and offering global competitiveness to our customers.


Accordingly, the NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES GMBH business strategy is based on areas in which we feel particularly strong and competent, thus conducting our world wide business activity within the following fields ;



Are products chemically classified as poly Melamine sulfonate, poly Naphthalene sulfonate, poly Carboxylate ether and master batches thereof to be used to formulate effective dispersants, fluidifiers and high range water reducing agents for cementitious and gysum-based systems.


Are products derived from renewable resources classified as sulfonated Lignosulfonates and are used for such diverse applications as making emulsions and dispersions, and as a binder or sequestrant.



Are specially designed Mulch mats manufactured from recycled and de-inked plant fibre derived from renewable resources to be used in Reforestation, Environmental, Conservation, Urban as well as Agro-Forest and Greening.



Are carefully selected GMO-free materials derived from renewable resources and are primary-grown on natural plant sugars. Due to the favourable natural composition they contain protein, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins thus being valuable and flavour enhancing nutrients.


Within these fields a special Service is given to manufacture and distribute master batches and products engineered to customers specification.



Our products and commitment to Service contributes to the success of our customers !