We at NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES GMBH strive for improved technology and ever increasing market share in application areas of chemistry and materials technology dedicated to the advancement of minimum impact products based on natural renewable resources if ecologically and technically feasible and commercial viable, thus respecting nature and a healthy environment.


This comprises all processes that are necessary to transform selected raw materials, exceptionally uniform in composition, into safe and convenient products for customers and industries by minimizing the use of environmentally hazardous substances.


Preserving natural resources and minimizing waste has become an important part of our day-to-day business and is an integral part of the NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIESs strategy to achieve global competitiveness.


An important part in NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES’s policy for competitiveness and growth are investments in R & D being customer oriented and focused on meeting specific application needs. Continuous efforts are undertaken to enhance existing products, adapting to evolving world market requirements and developing new high performance products.


Proprietary information is held in the strictest confidence during period of time products or solutions are developed and thereafter are launched in close cooperation with customers. By research and participation in projects common to the industry as a whole, we will strive actively to develop environmentally friendly processing technology and products.


All products are processed in EN ISO 9000 ff certified manufacturing facilities designed for maximum efficiency, productivity and the safest working conditions for employees.


Our policy is close co-operation with suppliers and customers, to achieve a long-term, sustainable balance with nature. This means in addition to what is prescribed in current legislation, regulations and conditions concerning the environment, all possible environmental improvement initiatives will be undertaken which are ecologically motivated, technically feasible and commercially viable. Our environmental work will be placed on an equal footing with finance and quality. It will be carried out so that customers and the society at large associate our end products with concern for nature, a healthy environment and responsible use of natural resources.


At NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES’s working places, on-going efforts will be made to close processes and further improve external purification methods for effluents and atmospheric emissions. When making investments, environmentally friendly methods will be given priority.


Our highly respected reputation for outstanding customer service, uniform product quality and technical sales support has been build up over global channels and connections to respective consumers since NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES’s foundation in 1969, and is combined with our flexibility based on Total Quality Management ( TQM ) towards performance with the synergies of our forward-looking, ambitious and innovative associated Companies.


Being headquartered at Hamburg in Germany, right in the center of the European Union ( EU ) and equipped for truck and rail transportation, resulting in efficient and timely delivery anywhere in the European Union. For shipments to overseas customers, our facility is minutes away from the Port of Hamburg ensuring prompt shipments world wide.


NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES’s ongoing commitment to provide equal business opportunity is expressed through the Supplier Diversity Initiative. Over the years it has grown from a social responsibility into an integral part of our procurement process.


Today we view this Initiative as a continuous improvement process that contributes to our bottom line. The main objective of the Initiative is to increase our first tier purchases of goods and services from certified small-business-enterprises (SBE), minority-owned (MBE) and women-owned businesses enterprises (WBE).


We also ensure that the qualified firms are provided an equal opportunity to bid on our extensive procurement needs, company-wide and encourages all viable minority and women-owned businesses to become part of our Supplier Diversity Initiative.


At NIKE BAECK INDUSTRIES GMBH, we focus on all elements that support On-Time-Delivery. Once a commitment is made, we do everything within our control to adhere to this date. Scheduling buffers are set up in front of each manufacturing process to help synchronize the workload and build in flexibility to absorb unexpected changes and delays. If there’s a delay on our end, we'll go to great lengths to get it back on track before we offer you alternative solutions. We strive to communicate schedule alterations as far upstream as possible and give you options that you can work with. On-Time-Delivery is a criteria customers look for in a reliable supplier. We are dedicated to the commitments we make to our customers.


Wherever indicated in our sales term, the "Lead Time / Delivery Time" will be the period in which the order will get ready to be passed on to the shipping department. This excludes the shipping period from pick up point to final destination as it is stated in the salescontract - unless otherwise agreed upon.


While every effort is made to ensure that all items offered are available for immediate dispatch, called "Standard lead time", some goods may be produced to customer's order / specification, and dispatch will take longer.


We fundamentally pursue to

  • develop, manufacture and ship material of the highest quality and meet precise formulations and delivery expectations for each product we supply,
  • work in close partnership with customers to meet their present and future requirements and contributing our recognized R & D capabilities and valuable technical support towards the achievement of their objectives,
  • work with customers in close cooperation, mutual trust and full respect for the confidentiality of shared information,
  • a self-respecting approach to our entire business and undertake to protect the environment, use raw materials from renewable, energy efficient resources, respect ethical and social standards and promote sustainable development.


Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 came into force on June 01, 2007 and sets forth terms for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical substances ( REACH ) manufactured in, or imported into the European Union (EU) above one ton per year.


All our operating Business Units are committed to ensure to pre-register all phase-in substances of products whether manufactured or sold by us to insure uninterrupted business.


Exceptions will be identified on an individual basis, and we will of course notify you should the REACH requirements cause us to decide not to register or seek authorization of substances that are part of any product that we sell to you - in such cases, we will endeavor to provide you a notice prior to the relevant substance deadlines.


Many of the details required for compliance will only be clear once the final Technical Guidance documents have been published.


We will follow-up all new developments on REACH and will evaluate the impact on our respective products with the goal to make the transition to the new legislation as smooth as possible for our customers.